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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find terms or information about the premium finance industry?


Click here, for Insurance and Premium Finance terms and definitions.

Click here, for a Premium Finance Industry Overview.

Why do you offer so many options?


We have found that even though everyone wants to input loans and make payments, etc. (standard daily operations) the functionality needed and wanted differ. Also, some are very content with the version of the software they are running and do not want to change or upgrade.

EVOLUTION was the fist to say "One size does not fit all" in our industry. Other seem to agree and finally followed our lead. Check out our product line!

Why do many premium finance software packages look alike?


Watch out for “smoke and mirrors” and “bells and whistles” in some software. A large portion of software advertising is just hype. It's there to distract you from the merits of the design itself.

If you want to make sure you don’t make a mistake you have two choices when choosing premium finance software. First, you can get top-of-the-line software from a company you have experience with and trust. Or, second, you can become somewhat of a personal expert on premium finance software design and features. We like to recommend that you do both. Learn as much as you can about what makes a excellent premium finance software so effective so you can make the right choice. Since the very first Evolution ads nearly 30 years ago we have been unafraid of laying out the facts and details of our software, much to the dismay of our competition who simply could not match our innovation. The Competition May Hate Our Guts for good reason. But the competition is still afraid of head-to-head “shoot out” comparisons with our premium finance software.

Do you keep up with changing technology?


When did you release your Windows version. Why it matters that we went to Windows in 1993. Shows innovation and willingness to keep you in current technology and another first for the premium finance industry and we didn't take a decade or more to do it, like others. Just one of many of the "we brought you this feature" firsts.

We wanted to take our loyal customers into the future and we didn't charge for it like the other vendors. We knew that DOS was dead. We just could not figure out why it took other vendors almost a decade to move out of DOS, even when they tout so many employees.

What are your future plans?


As in the past we will continue to lead the industry in functionality while evolving with current technologies. Just as we did not wait 10 to 15 years to move from DOS we constantly strive to keep current and update our development software to help keep our clients in current technology as well as new software functionality.

Do you have something to explain basic premium finance functionality?


YES, we do. Because a customer's premium finance manager came back from his vacation and found 5 new employees. We saw the need to train new employees who knew nothing. We hired an employee with a Masters Degree to develop a course in premium finance. The course explains the players and how premium finance works. It also includes pre-test (who to hire) and post-test (does everyone understand the terminology) with answer keys.