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Back OfficeTM

Back Office+™ your daily operations can run on your in-house/internal computer systems or in the cloud/web your choice, while agents and insureds/policyholders, etc. can access and handle their needs via the cloud with our Accounts.Net. Access anytime, anywhere.

Accounts .netTM

Internet data portal in the cloud. Allows cloud access for policyholders and your agents.

Rapid FireTM

Mass email marketing for any industry made easy from your computer. Also, integrates to Back Office+™


Enterprise premium finance software for internal daily operations. Designed for high end premium finance companies with the desire to out market others. Software with millions of deal cutting possibilities.


For those who need software to process Auto Warranty, Extended Auto Warranty, Car Warranty, New Car Warranty, Used Car Warranty, Vehicle Service Contract, Extended Car Warranty, Vehicle Warranty, Automobile Warranty and other automotive dealer products.