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Let’s look into your future

If your premium finance company endeavor is successful we will assume you want to expand in size and services, right?

If Yes, you may want to take notice of this page. Now you may or may not use or understand all the following features but like most we don’t have or want a crystal ball to foresee the future. However, if you ever need to cross one of these bridges in the future, rest assured that Evolution has you covered.

Premium finance software vendors


This is where the rubber meets the road. Which vendor will help take you into future technology and functionality you may need but can't foresee without switching software later down the road?

If you are a wanting to start a premium finance company, let a third party (someone else) service your business, are a seasoned company, or just want a better method we have done it all and can help.


Since 1979 (43 years) Premium finance software is our business. Evolution has been helping insurance premium finance companies streamline and grow their businesses. Earning the trust of so many.

No other vendor can do what we do for policyholders, agents or your bank relationship and credit line interface. Marketing, we have the innovative tools. We lead, creating new innovative ideas and other vendors try to follow. Been happening for years and still have new ideas coming.

Evolution provides the most advanced premium finance software in functionality, scalability, and technology.

Know you have the right software when you can use the same enterprise software that has passed accounting audits and procedural audits as well as exceeding expectations on a variety of stress tests by the largest computer consulting company in the world, Accenture.

Big, small or in between you will benefit! Call 913-384-2654 Below are some topics we can talk about.

Plus, you don't have to choose a specific software edition like other vendors want you to do. Just one software flexible enough to run your business the way you want to.

Evolution has listened and worked closely with owners, operators, CFO’s, CEO's, CPA’s, IT personnel, auditors and states.

If you think you have an idea the we have not thought of or have already done, then bring it on.

Since 1979 (43 years) Yes, we are the oldest, most experienced, tested, technological advanced premium finance software vendor in existence because we listen.

I was only asked once, in 2015 after 36 years, why we didn't run a premium finance business. Of course the answer was "In a way we do, since our software runs many companies and has done so for decades." Their reply "Do you own a premium finance company?" My answer "We don't need to, doing just fine as we are." Then I thought as well, if we did then we probably would of been complacent and never made our product what is is. today.

Evolution's intellectual property and trade secrets are so innovative that we have had to protect them in court. Our whole existence revolves around creating intellectual property and we must protect them according to law including our trade secret rights. Wouldn't you? Lucky for us the majority naturally respect our rights.

Evolution blazed a tremendous amount of behind-the-scenes technology like counter fraud measures, day money runs out, specific tools for the manages and accountants, retention, renewals, ways to lower your unit cost, user management control, workflow processes, automatic form(s) imaging, save a tree features, an accounting engine and complex business rules to prevent operators from making mistakes and more. Most of these you will never see when looking at our software they just happen. Let us show you how we can help your business, over and above the average software demo is like.

Other vendors

Another vendor's claim "... software was created with a working knowledge of the premium finance business, not by software developers that don't run other finance companies." We strongly disagree. Here is why:




We can talk about marketing for hours and we have done some remarkable feats in this area.

In fact we were able to do these when another software vendor couldn't pull it off thus causing a $250 million premium finance company to switch to Evolution.

  • Marketing/Contingency/Finders Fees
    • Agent point spread/add-on rate
  • Account Financing Methods; APR, Group Rates, Discount Plan Method, Service charge percent, Setup fee method, Service charge dollar rate, Processing fee method, APR+ (using 6+ factors)
  • Agent driven premium finance software, could have 800,000,000,000 possible plans. In short, do it your way.
  • Plus so much more. The ultimate versatile enterprise premium finance software solution for you.
  • My marketing to insurance agents lacks ....

    Let Evolution help with many different methods to help obtain and retain agents.

    Want your premium finance company to have internet presence. Open the doors to a new internet storefront with Evolution's proven products. You'll have something others don't. Premium finance software residing on your server or premium finance software in cloud, your choice with Evolution's software.

    Also, ask about our Rapid Fire™ software for prospecting insurance agents or just contacting existing agents by e-mail.


Reduce unit cost


Creditability earned, never given. Proof, 49 people to process 157,000 loans, $65 million in profit. Or, how about another company making an additional $5 million in profit without any additional staff. I would say this is unit cost reduction in its finest. We can show you the way. Probably saving you enough to pay for the switch to Evolution's software. Again, when others couldn't pull it off.

Increase Retention



This is a big unit cost reducer. One company making an additional $5 million in profit without any additional staff. We can show you the way. Probably saving you enough to pay for the switch to Evolution's software. Again, when others couldn't pull it off.

In the cloud


We can show you the way. Again, we were the first vendor to allow real-time access (no daily upload or download of data to make it work) and other features when other vendors couldn't pull it off. Read more here.....




Back in the old days all the premium finance software vendors just added and subtracted from balances. Evolution was the first that did full debit credit accounting and it took other vendors over a decade to follow and my belief is they are still now where close to us.. The versatility is amazing, if you need it we probably already do it. Ask and we will show you. Again, this is another case when others couldn't pull it off.

Print / Image / eMail / Fax / Outsource


Again our innovation was out front for many years. We still do things other vendors can't do.

Our proven Form Generator ™ allows inclusions of Multi-lingual language, multiple conditional layers, logos/images, bar codes, duplex printing.

Forms are automatically imaged (no scanning) at print time. A virtual file cabinet.

Forms can be email or faxed to recipient(s).

Sort and group outgoing forms by entity to save postage.

Outsource forms printing and mailing with ease.

Reports, again email or fax to whomever.

Ad Hoc / Custom report builder. Create, edit, print a solution designed for a specific problem or task. Doubt if you need this since we ship 80+ reports that you can pick and choose what to use based upon how you want to run your business.

Plus so many other features you need to ask about.

Ask us about the 38 benefits to you just on forms alone..



Management is key to success. Good enough for 49 people to process 157,000 loans, $65 million in profit. Or, how about another company making an additional $5 million in profit without any additional staff. We can show you the way. Again, when others couldn't pull it off.

From point-of-sale to payoff, over 1.1 million loans with $14+ billion in premium has been financed through Evolution's software. This could only have come about because our software products provide the much needed functionality that interacts with the newest of technologies to complete the task at hand.

Since 1979 (43 years) we've led the pack in high performance solutions for the premium finance industry. By staying ahead of emerging technologies we have become empowered to go beyond just servicing our client base to improving their position in the marketplace.

For more information email us or if you do not have a default email client click here.