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Since 1979 (43 years) we are and have been the clear leader of innovation, functionality, support, accounting, real time internet access, integration, imaging, licensing, counter fraud, consulting and more.43 years In business

Our premium finance software has been used to process billions in premium. 14 billion as of our last poll in 2004. We believe we can handle your needs. There are many more reasons we lead the pack, but one major consideration is… Cost Justification!

See what software products we have here.

Evolution understands the environment you live in. We have lived there with so many customers taking care of business.

If you have looked at Evolution's premium finance software, mass email marketing software or auto warranty software products in the past or even used them you need to look again. Ask us your toughest questions or tell us your fear. We have witnessed a great deal over the decades and our innovative software solutions reflects it.

In order to manage the performance of your business, you have to understand your operations. We have many functions to accurately and precisely measure the productivity of your operations. See our written guide that contains processes and ideas, as a place to begin the review of internal operations, and how added functionality may help reduce unit cost.

Excellence in the cloud. One customer of ours hired the largest computer consultant in the world, Accenture, to make sure it would handle the volume they expected while at the same time, they vigorously tested every single aspect of our software.  Our software was put through many load/stress tests by Accenture.

Excellence on in-house servers.  With another company our software had to pass stringent procedural audits and accounting audits. Procedural audits covered functionally, counter fraud, workflow, what user did what and when, and other internal controls, etc.

These numbers speak for themselves. One customer with 49 operators, 157,000 open accounts with 1 billion in premium created a lot of profit. Rest assured you are in good hands.

Credibility earned, not given.

Check out our product line, see what fits your needs. Back Office+™ (internal operations) and Accounts .Net™ (browser for policyholders and agents) is the best place to start. Add a touch of mass email marketing to build you insurance premium finance company with Rapid Fire™ and you will be on your way.

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