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Since 1979 (43 years), I was only asked once, in 2015, why we didn't run a premium finance business. Of course the answer was "We do, since our software runs many companies and has done so for decades." Their reply "Do you own a premium finance company?" My answer "We don't need to, doing just fine as we are." Then I thought as well, if we did then we probably would of been complacent and never made our product what is is. today.

In short, we are a tool maker with decades worth of knowledge. We listen then make it happen.

If you are a wanting to start a premium finance company, letting a third party (someone else) service your business or a seasoned company or just want a better method, we can help.

Evolution Inc., who has been writing software for the premium finance industry Since 1979 (43 years), working with fortune 500 companies to insurance agencies, $250 million to $1 billion premium finance companies, insurance companies for both premium finance and service contract / auto warranty.

We offer premium finance consulting and have consulted with many over the years on:

Business analytics
Fraud Prevention and Detection
Financial and Procedural Audit Procedures
Exception Reporting
Bad Debts / Mark-off Reduction and Monitoring
Premium Finance Industry Best Practices
Maximizing Profit and Efficiency
Transaction Services in becoming or selling a premium finance company.
Compliance Audits
Daily Due Diligence and Underwriting
Borrowing Base Creation and Review

Another vendor that makes a bold claim slamming software developers that don't run a finance company. Here is our reply to that statement!

Evolution has listened and worked closely with owners, operators, CFO’s, CEO's, CPA’s, IT personnel, auditors and states.

If you think you have an idea the we have not thought of or have already done then bring it on.

Since 1979 (43 years) Yes, we are the oldest, most experienced, tested, technological advanced premium finance software vendor in existence because we listen. We've led the pack developing high performance entrprise solutions for the premium finance industry. By staying ahead of emerging technologies we have become empowered to go beyond just servicing our client base to improving their position in the marketplace.

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