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Insurance premium finance a high yield investment

Premium Finance, the industry

Let us suppose that there is an industry that is available to you that would generate returns far in excess of almost anything that you are currently invested in.

Let us suppose further that the you could post

Well, there is, and that industry is the financing of property-casualty insurance premiums.
The premium finance business is a healthy and robust industry and is being given away to others, generating transactions, as you read this document, at a rate of about $156 million dollars a day.

Until now, premium finance software has been too expensive for many to start a premium finance company and the amount of capital required for a line of credit was prohibitive.

For various reasons agents are giving their property-casualty finance business to any premium finance company that asks for it.

Agents are the backbone of one of the largest industries in the world, insurance. Why not tap into the same channel?

Agents (including general agents) have been making premium finance companies rich for many years.

Agents, including general agents are the sole source for premium financing. Agents are the commodity.

When you capture agents, you capture their business. Agents are the single most important element of the premium finance industry, so much so that companies fight for their allegiance. Agents realize this and are able to shop for better rates and terms from company to company.

Rates alone have never been, and will never be, the factor that determines who gets the premium finance business. There are more than 1,200 P&C (property and casualty) carriers with different rates and each has developed loyal agents. It is a fact that the primary reasons for their agents’ loyalty include the commission schedule, the services they provide and their underwriting rules.