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A bank's guide to insurance premium finance

The plan to take business from other banks


Evolution has worked with banks and others who worked for banks that were lenders to the premium finance industry for many years. Our knowledge is immense. Countless man years has been put into these premium finance guidelines that cover from where to start to daily operations of booking and servicing premium finance loans.

We have put together all the documents, including guide on how the premium finance industry works, who are the players, new methodology to gain market share, pro forma(s), critical path, software, to create a bank's guide to insurance premium finance.

Other banks are in the premium finance business for one reason, low risk loans with huge profit margins (see list)).

Premium finance provide new loan opportunities and can bring new assets into the bank. As in any new endeavor you will need more information like premium finance company facts. Why migrate to this industry? How is the industry average mark off of ½ of 1% of accounts receivable possible? Finance Charges. How all loans are collateralized by the remaining unearned portion of the insurance policy. Why would agents switch to your bank? Renewals and other bank benefits. Exit strategy. Introduction into premium finance marketing. Bank Strategy. The Community Reinvestment Act. Agent Facts and Banks Future Impact. Bank Facts and Solutions. (see in depth)

As a bank how can you prove that is something that can give you such high yields like these;

How Evolution can help;

Only entities using our methods can compete with you!


Property and casualty insurance premium finance changes, flexibility and features you will not find from any other software vendor.

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